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About Dankira Entertainment & Events

Greetings & welcome to Dankira Entertainment & Events

Dankira Entertainment And Events has a history of responsible business conduct.We strongly believe that the real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers but also as importantly about how those numbers are achieved.


Mefin Ayalew

 16+ Years of Experience

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Dankira Entertainment And Events founded in 2011 holding a talented well experienced and innovator members and the company is fully accredited by Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau also have extensive experience working with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Before Dankira Entertainment and Events got its name By establishing the organization under the name of DJ Cool Mat Film Production and Entertainment has been involved in various film and entertainment projects with various organizations since 2011. It is an organization that has been working since logo

Dankira Entertainment & Events

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About Dankira Entertainment & Events

Vision , Mission , Objectives & our values

Our company Values

  • Know where the organization intends to go next
  • Focus on specific and tangible projects
  • Doing a measurable and effective job
  • Follow a time-based approach

Our Object & Goals

  • working up
  • Employment Loyalty
  • Believing in working together
  • Going further miles with good service
Urgent Cause

Our Vision

Provide complete solutions by innovating new ideas, using professional knowledge in our work, and making. our clients' vision into reality

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